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New Product Preview

Here’s just a small sampling of what you can expect to see in the exhibit hall!

Al Zawrae Industrial • Booth # 101

Mazaya mix is a limited edition product where you get to mix your own flavor to set your preference and fit your taste. This product is available in five delicious flavors; two apples with vanilla, orange with cream, lemon with mint, grape with berries, and finally gum with mint.

Al Zawrae Industrial

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes • Booth # 496

California based Apollo Electronic Cigarettes is both an e-cig brand and a producer of finely crafted e-liquids. Our chemists work in a state of the art facility to create e-liquids with the best flavor and most vapor. Make the right choice for your customers – choose Apollo!

Apollo Electronic Cigarettes

Blackcat Electronic Cigarette • Booth # 869

Our Blackcat products provide a high quality smoking experience with both the Blackcat E Cigarette and the Blackcat Cuban Cigar. Please stop by our booth #869 to learn more.

Blackcat Electronic Cigarette

Efremov, Inc. • Booth # 768

Efremov, Inc. is glad to offer you the new revolutionary Carbopol and RING hookah charcoals.
Advantages of Carbopol and RING charcoals:
∙ Does not change the taste of molasses
∙ Quickly and easily ignited, burn for a long time
∙ Eco friendly
∙ Produced in Europe

Efremov, Inc. • Booth # 768

Emberstart Inc. • Booth # 230

Agnite is what cigars crave: it presents a new way to begin enjoyment of a fine cigar with a refined, flameless heating solution. Agnite your cigar as it was intended: with a reverence for the craft, and the leaf.

Emberstart Agnite

Enbright Inc. • Booth C

Lekker is the brand of electron cigarette which is aiming to be one of the World’s Top. The creating such as: Variable Wattage*, Cut Off function*, Airflow control*, Touch button and Unique design, those are just beginning of our innovations. (*Patented).
Produced in Korea

Enbright Inc.

Formula 420 • Booth # 368

Coming from a trusted brand that has been around for 18 years has now released its newest product, 2 oz bottles of Formula 420 glass cleaner. Perfect for being placed by the register for impulse buys. Great size for first time users and convenient for travel size. The right variety for more profits.

Formula 420

Grind Distribution Inc • Booth # 684

The official KUSH® cigarillos brand. Made in the Dominican Republic and available in 14 flavors. We offer both in pre-priced 3 cigars for $0.99 and non pre-priced. There are 3 cigars per pouch and 15 pouches per display. Visit us for great show specials.

Grind Distribution Inc

Grind Distribution Inc • Booth # 684

The Original Blunt Wrap® Rolling Papers. With billions served, Blunt Wrap® rolling papers offer your customers a brand they know and trust.

With four distinct paper types, Unbleached (chlorine free), Silver (thinnest in the market), Gold (translucent papers for those who favor hemp) and Orange (slow burn), there is sure to be a new favorite for every smoker. With Blunt Wrap® you roll with the best.

Grind Distribution Inc

Mastervape Ecigs • Booth #284

LIFETIME WARRANTY available on all our batteries!

We manufacture only the best products, using top of the line materials, craftsmanship and quality control.

Mastervape Ecig

Missouri Meerschaum Company • Booth # 525

Our skin-carded pipes are now available on updated cards that are very appealing to the consumer. The cards are available in bulk by the dozen are and in an updated display tray holding six cards. Pipes available on skin cards are the Legend, Washington, Pony Express/Mizzou, Ozark Mountain and Corn Cob Miniatures.

Missouri Meerschaum Company

Starbuzz Tobacco • Booth 737

With over 100 unique flavors to chose from, Starbuzz® Tobacco is sure to leave even the most discriminating smoker satisfied. Since 2005, Starbuzz® has been known for its exceptional quality, consistency, and revolutionary innovation which has enabled exponential growth around the globe as well its dominant market presence.

Starbuzz Tobacco

Swedish Tobacco Innovation Ltd • Booth # 141

The New Generation Cigarette with nicotine on the filter for both indoor & outdoor usage. The two-in-one cigarette. Not lit for indoor (get the nicotine through the lips) and lit for outdoor use (get the nicotine through smoke). No Smoke-No Cancer. A Conventional cigarette but the new GENERATION of it.
We are looking for distributors and potential partners.

Swedish Tobacco Innovation Ltd

Tobacco Outlet Products, LLC • Booth # 728

Now you can experience a fresh new way to fragrance without the flame with our SMOKE ODOR EXTERMINATOR REED DIFFUSERS. These stylish reed diffusers were designed to provide all the odor exterminating power of our candles, in an easy to use and delightfully fragrant glass diffuser. Available in nine fragrances!

Tobacco Outlet Products, LLC

Trendsettah USA, Inc. • Booth # 779

Trendsettah Inc. introduces a new look for Hookah tobacco. Easy to display, and easy try new flavors without the big commitment. They have created a new, easy way to carry Hookah tobacco with a 28g puck package. Currently available in 6 flavors; Grape, Mango, Strawberry, Watermelon, Double Apple, and Mint.

Trendsettah USA, Inc

Turning Point Systems • Booth # 425

ProfitPoint Lite provides complete Pricing, Taxation and MSA Reporting!
• MSA – Reporting
• Tobacco Taxing
• Category Item Pricing
• Create Invoices, PO Track Inventory
• Customer Imports
• Salesperson / Customer Remote OE

Turning Point Systems

Vapor4Life • Booth # 947

Vapor4Life is unveiling two new product lines: E-Cigar King and WOW Vapor King Disposables. The E-Cigar King electronic cigar delivers all the flavor, experience and satisfaction of a world class cigar. The WOW Vapor King Disposable took four years and over 200 hours of taste testing to create the perfect alternative to cigarettes. Stop by booth #947 to sample these products and many more!


VaporzX Inc. • Booth # 279

VaporzX Inc. is announcing its newest addition to its product line. Vapors Express! A high quality EGO CE4 at an affordable price! Vapors Express 650 mah comes in black and pink for $6.75. Also, available in 1100 mah starting at the low price of $7.75.

VaporzX Inc.

VMR Products • Booth # 391

V2 Cigs Disposables:

Introducing the V2 Cigs Disposable Electronic Cigarette. Its soft tip looks and feels just like the real thing. With up to 400 puffs available in V2 Red and V2 Menthol Flavors in 1.8% nicotine strength, V2 Cigs Disposables can now be enjoyed right out of the perforated, easy-to-open package.

VMR Products

The Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo is a trade show for manufacturers and distributors who are provided a venue for exhibiting their tobacco products and related merchandise.

As a result of a carefully planned marketing strategy, more than two thousand people attend this annual event to place orders, network and participate in the educational sessions to learn better business strategy that will increase their bottom lines.

Registrants at the show represent tobacco retail stores, tobacconists, convenience stores, wholesalers, importers/exporters, manufacturers, consultants and others who are in the tobacco industry.

Press reporting at this important event is represented by national media and magazines that target specific categories within the tobacco industry.